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Planno - Smart Solar Leads

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We empower solar companies to expand their reach. By automating solar rooftop lead generation with AI and geospatial data, Planno accelerates the discovery of prime rooftops and connects with customers faster than ever before. Our unique approach integrates proprietary and third-party data, creating comprehensive customer profiles for efficient and effective expansion.

Frustrated with slow lead generation?

Planno automates lead discovery, connecting you with prime rooftops and customers in no time.

Struggling with incomplete customer data?

Planno’s AI delivers precise, actionable customer insights, so you always know your next move.

Overwhelmed by complex data?

Planno transforms complex data into clear, actionable insights, making decision-making effortless.

Tired of juggling multiple tools?

Planno integrates all your solar sales needs into one seamless platform, simplifying your workflow.

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Excel in Your Solar Market with AI-Driven Strategies

Spotlight on Solar Rooftop Opportunities

Spotlight on Solar Rooftop Opportunities

Planno revolutionizes solar market discovery by using Geospatial AI and Satellite Imagery recognition to quickly scan rooftops, eliminating manual research. Our technology identifies potential customers fast, freeing your team to focus on closing deals and advancing towards a solar-powered future.

Unlock Comprehensive Customer Insights

Planno goes beyond identifying potential customers. Our software integrates geospatial metadata with other data sources, providing quick and easy access to customer data. This holistic view allows your team to tailor their pitches for maximum impact, ensuring personalized and effective interactions.

Unlock Comprehensive Customer Insights
Discover Hidden Solar Prospects

Discover Hidden Solar Prospects

Our software uncovers hidden opportunities by analyzing a wide range of data points to identify potential customers others may overlook. These unique prospects, often hidden outliers, give your team the chance to expand outreach and explore new business avenues.

Harness Data with Rooftop Analytics

Welcome to a new era of data analysis with our comprehensive analytics dashboard. It encapsulates vital rooftop information, including aggregated area, solar potential, average size, and solar adoption metrics. The interactive chart allows deeper exploration of rooftop segments and solar potential, empowering your team to make informed, data-driven decisions.

Harness Data with Rooftop Analytics
Solar Generation, Simplified

Solar Generation, Simplified

Our Solar Generation Estimator delivers quick and precise monthly solar generation estimates, bringing crucial data to your fingertips. By simplifying preliminary evaluations and reducing technical intervention, this tool enhances team communication and provides a clear view of potential solar output, aiding in the planning and strategizing of your solar projects.

Street View at Your Fingertips

Planno elevates visualization with Google Street View integration, providing a comprehensive library of street views. From our platform, gather additional information about each location’s layout, surroundings, and other factors impacting solar installation. This integration streamlines your workflow and enhances efficiency by eliminating the need for multiple platforms.

Street View at Your Fingertips

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